What should I write? I really don’t know. I’m a mom; it’s the most important job I will ever do. I’m an artist; it’s who I am. I love Jesus. And I’m humbled and eternally grateful that He loves me. I’m a perfectionist; I believe if you spend your time doing anything, you should always do your best. I’m an optimist, a thinker, and a problem solver; I truly believe there’s a solution to every problem and you can do anything you want in life…if you think long and hard enough about it. I feel deeply, love fully, and forgive easily. I have the heart of a runner, but I’m still trying to convince my body that’s what I was born to do. Music speaks to my soul; I desperately wish I could play the guitar that I’ve owned for half my life…or sing like my mom. I know life is short and time is precious. I think that’s why I love photographs so much; they are moments captured…times that won’t be forgotten.

The story behind this collage of pictures:: I wanted to get over the insecurities I’ve carried for years about having my own picture taken because I know one day I’ll be 80 years old and I’ll want to remember “when I was young”. So, while taking pictures of my littlest sis the day before her first high school homecoming dance, I stopped, handed her the camera, and pulled my girl by my side. Less than 5 hours later, I got a call from my daughter that she’d gotten into her first car accident…and totaled my car. It was just 8 days after she’d gotten her license. It was 12 days before her 17th birthday. Now, every time I look at these pictures, I am just so THANKFUL. Even though I no longer had a car, no one was hurt. I see us laughing and being so silly. But, in those moments I was just trying to get at least ONE great picture of us together. Now, it’s the collection that I love; not one image alone. We didn’t know what would happen within hours. But, everyone is okay. And I remember life is short. And time is precious.